Sunday, 11 June 2017

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) Verify Cabling

Once the ODA cabling is completed, it is very important to verify the cabling connection. Oracle recommends that you run oakcli to validate the cabling before starting the ODA network configuration.

The following oakcli command is used to validate the cabling:

# /opt/oracle/oak/bin/oakcli validate -c storagetopology

If the oakcli validate -c storagetopology command reports any issue, One possible cause is that the cables to all the nodes were not fully connected. verify that the cables to all the nodes are fully connected.  Unplug/plug them back in as needed for verification.

You should also run it regularly to ensure that disk connectivity has no problems.

Let's take a look at an example on how to run the Storage Topology.
Here in this example I am running the command on ODA X4-2.

You should run the validate Storage Topology command on both the nodes as follows:


oakcli validate -c storagetopology command is used to verify the cabling connection. Make sure the system and storage cabling is correct as per documentation and cables are tightly plugged in. If there any issue double check the physical cabling and use "oakcli validate -c storagetopology" to verify cabling.

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