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Discover Exadata Database Machine in OEM 13c

To manage and monitor Exadata Database Machine you must discover it in Oracle Enterprise Manager. Before you discover Exadata DBM you first Install EM Agent on all Exadata Compute nodes. The Guided Discovery Process of OEM helps you discover all the Exadata Components easily.

The following Exadata components can be monitored and managed by OEM:
  • Compute Nodes
  • Storage Cells
  • Infiniband Switches
  • Cisco Switches
  • Power Distribution Units
  • KVM
In this article I will demonstrate how to discover an Exadata Database Machine in OEM 13c. Discover Exadata in OEM 13c is no different than OEM 12c except couple of changes. The graphics part of the OEM 13c looks very coolJ

Before we starting with the Discovery process make sure that OEM 13c Agent is installed on Compute nodes. You can find the article to install EM Agent at:

Before you start make sure
  • OEM 13c server is Installed and Configured
  • OEM 13c Agent is installed on all Exadata Compute Nodes
  • SYSMAN User password
  • Oracle user password
  • Root user password for Compute nodes, Storage Cells and Infiniband Switches

Procedure to Discover Exadata Database Machine in OEM 13c

Enter the OEM 13c address in the web browser

Enter the SYSMAN user and password or any other user with admin privileges.

This is our OEM 13c home page

From the home, click Setup --> Add Target --> Add Targets Manually

Click on "Add Using Guided Process"

Select "Oracle Exadata Database Machine" and click Add button.

Select "Discover a new Database Machine and its hardware components and targets", "13c target type with enhanced hardware monitoring, requiring additional credentials" and Click "Discover Targets"

On this page, search or enter the EM agent URL for compute node 1 and, Click Add buton and add the compute node 1 and enter the oracle user credentials.
Note: Make databasemachine.xml exist and Oracle user have necessary permissions to read it.

Select Compute node 1 and click select.

Click Next

On this page, enter the first Infiniband Switch name and root credentials and test connection. Click Next

Click Next

All the Exadata Components are Discovered and shown on this page. Click Next

This Page shows the Exadata Components monitored by different Agents. Click Next

On this page Enter the Credentials for Agent Host, Compute Node ILOM, Storage Cell, IB Switch, PDU, Cisco Switch and test connection for each of them. Click Next

Review the Summary Page and Click Next 

The Target Promotion in progress 

Click Done on the final page (Not shown here). Make sure no errors are reported.

Click Launch Database Machine will bring you to the following page 

This is the Photo realistic image of Exadata Database machine.

We have discovered Exadata Database Machine successfully in OEM 13c

In this article we have seen how to discover an Exadata Database Machine in Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c using simple Guided discovery process. Oracle Enterprise manager 13c considered ideal for managing and monitoring Exadata Database Machine.

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