Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Upgrade Oracle GoldenGate 11g to 12c

In this document we will Upgrade Oracle GoldenGate 11g to 12c

Environment Details
Node1 and Node2
Operating system
Oracle Home
GoldenGate software staging location
GoldenGate 11g Shared Home
GoldenGate 12c Shared Home

Configure Goldengate 12c:

  • Install Oracle GoldenGate 12c software without creating and start manager process in a new home. Look at the steps for installing Oracle GoldenGate 12c at:


  • After installing oracle GoldenGate now the time to upgrade the existing 11g to 12c GoldenGate.

Create sub dirs.

cd /oraggs/app/gg12c
GGSCI>create subdirs
Parameter files                /oraggs/app/gg12c/dirprm
Report files                   /oraggs/app/gg12c/dirrpt
Checkpoint files               /oraggs/app/gg12c/dirchk
Process status files           /oraggs/app/gg12c/dirpcs
SQL script files               /oraggs/app/gg12c/dirsql
Database definitions files     /oraggs/app/gg12c/dirdef
Extract data files             /oraggs/app/gg12c/dirdat
Temporary files                /oraggs/app/gg12c/dirtmp
Stdout files                   /oraggs/app/gg12c/dirout

Create softlink

cd /oraggs

ln -s /oraggs/dirtmp /oraggs/app/gg12c
ln -s /oraggs/dirsql /oraggs/app/gg12c
ln -s /oraggs/dirdef /oraggs/app/gg12c
ln -s /oraggs/dirdat /oraggs/app/gg12c
ln -s /oraggs/dirout /oraggs/app/gg12c

Upgrade Oracle GoldenGate 11g to 12c
  • Take backup of existing GlodenGate 11g HOME.
$ cd /oraggs/app
$ cp -pR gss ggs_bkp
  • Navigate to GoldenGate 11g home and stop the GoldenGate processes
$ cd /oraggs/app/ggs
$ ./ggsci
GGSCI> send extract <name>, logend
GGSCI> info extract <name>
GGSCI > stop er *
  • Now, stop the Manager process
$ cd /oraggs/app/ggs
$ ./ggsci
GGSCI> stop MGR!
GGSCI> info all
  • Copy the GoldenGate dir* from GoldenGate 11g home (/oraggs/app/ggs) to GoldenGate 12c home (/oraggs/app/ggs12/ggs)
$ cd /oraggs/app/ggs
$ ls -l dir*
$ cp -pR dir* /oraggs/app/ggs12c/ggs/
  • Verify the directories are copied successfully to GoldenGate 12c home
$ cd /oraggs/app/ggs12c/ggs
$ ls -l dir*
  • Start GoldenGate process from Oracle GoldenGate 12c home
$ cd /oraggs/app/ggs12c/ggs
$ ./ggsci
GGSCI> info all
GGSCI> start mgr
GGSCI> info all
GGSCI> start er *
GGSCI> info all
ln -s /oraggs/dirrpt /oraggs/app/gg12c
ln -s /oraggs/dirpcs /oraggs/app/gg12c
ln -s /oraggs/dirchk /oraggs/app/gg12c
ln –s /oraggs/dirprm /oraggs/app/gg12c
  • Check the goldengate process status , and that should be visible as Abended
cd /oraggs/app/gg12c
GGSCI> info all

In this article we have learnt how to Upgrade Oracle GoldenGate 11g to 12c


  1. I really appreciate information shared above. It’s of great help. If someone want to learn Online (Virtual) instructor lead live training in Oracle GoldenGate.

  2. Thanks for the detailed steps.
    I followed same steps and below error.

    INFO OGG-01478 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for Oracle, EXT_SRC.prm: Output file /opt/app/ggs/dirdat/EXT_SRC/et is using format RELEASE 12.3.
    ERROR OGG-01416 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for Oracle, EXT_SRC.prm: File /opt/app/ggs/dirdat/EXT_SRC/et000001, with format RELEASE 11.2, does not match current format specification of RELEASE 12.3. Modify the parameter file to specify format RELEASE 11.2 or issue ETROLLOVER prior to restart.
    ERROR OGG-01668 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for Oracle, EXT_SRC.prm: PROCESS ABENDING.
    INFO OGG-00987 Oracle GoldenGate Command Interpreter for Oracle: GGSCI command (oracle): info all.


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