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Installing Enterprise Manager 12c Agent on Exadata Using Agent Push Method

Oracle Exadata Database Machine consists of several components such as Compute nodes, Storage Cells, ILOM, Infiniband Switches, Cisco Switch and PDUs. So we need a tool that can manage all these components from one single console. Oracle Enterprise manager Cloud Control is the recommended best practices for monitoring and managing Exadata Database machine. Once the Exadata database Machine is installed the next step is enable monitoring for it.

The following Exadata components can be monitored and managed by OEM:

  • Compute Nodes
  • Storage Cells
  • Infiniband Switches
  • Cisco Switches
  • Power Distribution Units
  • KVM

The first step in monitoring and managing Exadata using OEM is to install the EM Agent. You can install EM Agent in several ways, such as:

  • Using EM Kit Method
  • Using the Agent push method
  • Using an RPM file
  • Using the AgentPull script
  • Using the AgentDeploy script

In this article we will demonstrate how to Install EM Agent 12c on Exadata using Agent Push method using OEM 12c. Agent Software is installed only on Compute nodes.

Environment Details

Here we will be installing EM Agent on a Exadata X5-2 Elastic Rack consists of:

  • 8 Compute Nodes
  • 7 Storage Cells
  • 2 Infiniband Switches
  • 1 Cisco Switches
  • 2 Power Distribution Units

  • Enter the OEM 12c URL into the web browser and hit enter
  • Enter the SYSMAN Credentials or any other user that have necessary permissions to Install Agent software

  • From the Home page, click on Setup à Add Target à Add Targets manually

  • Select Add Host Targets and Click on Add Host

  • On this page, click on the +Add button to add the Host targets. 

  • Enter all fully qualified Hostnames (8 compute nodes) and for Platform “Same for All Hosts” and click next

  • On this page, do the following:
Enter the Installation Base Directory.
The instance base directory will be populated automatically for you.
Click on the + symbol on the Named credentials and enter oracle user and its password.
Click Next

  • Review this information and click Deploy Agent

  • Initialization in progress

  • Initialization completed. Remote prerequisites Checks in progress

  • Remote prerequisites Checks in progress. Review the warnings. We can ignore this error as the Oracle user doesn't have permissions to execute the script at the end of the Agent Deployment.

  • Click Continue and Continue, All Hosts

  • Now the Agent deployment in progress

  • Agent Deployment completed successfully. We need to run the script as root user on all the compute nodes to finish Agent Installation process.

  • Login in to compute node as root user and execute the script on all nodes using dcli command

  • Verify the OEM Agent status

This concludes the OEM 12c Agent Installation on Exadata Compute nodes.


In this article we have learned how to install OEM Agent 12c on Exadata Database Machine using push Method.

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