Thursday, 21 December 2017

Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS) Workflow

To start using Oracle Database Cloud Service, follow the guidelines as below:

  • Sign up for a free credit promotion or purchase a subscription
Fill in your information, and sign up for a free credit promotion or purchase a subscription to Oracle Database Cloud Service.

  • Add and manage users and roles
Create user accounts and assign them appropriate privileges and assign the necessary Database Cloud Service roles.

  • Create a database deployment
Use create service wizard (GUI interface) to create a new database deployment.

  • Enable network access
Allow access to network services associated with your database deployments.

  • Load data into the database
Use Oracle Database tools to load data into your databases.

  • Monitor database deployments
Checkout health and performance of individual database deployments.

  • Monitor the service
Check on the day-to-day operation of your service, monitor performance, and review important notifications.

  • Patch a database deployment
Apply or Rollback a patch

  • Back up a database deployment
Perform database backup and restore



In this article we have seen Typical Workflow of an Oracle Database Cloud Service. It is very easy to start a subscription, create a database deployment and perform several other tasks listed in the Workflow.

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