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Different Oracle Health Check Tools


There are quite a few health check tools provided by Oracle for both Engineered and Non-Engineered Systems. This article explains which tool is a best choice for a given system.

Table showing different Health Check Tools available for Engineered and Non-Engineered Systems

ORAchk (1268927.2)


Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)

Exadata Database Machine (1070954.1)

Non-Engineered Systems

Exalogic (1449226.1)


Exalytics (1566134.1)


BIG Data Appliance  (BDA)  (1643715.1)


Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (ZDLRA) (1643715.1)

Examples executing Health Check utilities

Download ORAchk using MOS - ORAchk - Health Checks for the Oracle Stack (Doc ID 1268927.2)
Non-Engineered Systems
Run ORAchk Interactively.

  • Log in to the system as root user
  • Stage the appropriate kit in its own directory the node on which the tool will be executed. Eg: /u01/app/oracle/stage
  • Unzip kit, leaving the script and driver files together in the same directory
    # unzip –d /tmp/orachk
  • Validate the permissions for orachk are 755 (-rwxr-xr-x). If the permissions are not currently set to 755, set the permissions on orachk as follows:
    #cd /tmp/orachk
    # chmod 755 orachk
  • Invoke the tool as follows:
    #cd /tmp/orachk
    Follow the prompts while reading and understanding all messages.
  • Upon completion of ORAchk command the following (or similar) will be displayed:
Detailed report (html) - /home/oracle/orachk_oradbnode1_orcl_100715_105241/orachk_oradbnode1_orcl_100715_105241.html
Engineered System - Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)
# /opt/oracle/oak/orachk -a


Exadata Database Machine
Download Exachk using MOS Oracle Exadata Database Machine exachk or HealthCheck (Doc ID 1070954.1)
# ./exachk -a

In this article we have seen different Oracle Health Check tool available and how to use them.

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