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Create Database on Exadata Database Machine

You can create a database on Exadata using DBCA or Manually using Create Database Command. Creating a database using dbca is easy and straight forward. Creating a database on Exadata is no different from creating a database on RAC. You will select the nodes on which you want to create the database. In Exadata since the storage option is only ASM, you must select to ASM for database files.


  • Exadata database machine Full Rack X5-2
  • 8 Compute nodes, 14 Storage cells and 2 IB Switch

Steps to create Database on Exadata database machine

dm01db01-prod1 {/home/oracle}:which dbca

dm01db01-prod1 {/home/oracle}:dbca

DBCA starting

 Select "Create a database" and click Next

Select "Advanced configuration" and click Next

Select "General Purpose"  and click Next

Select all nodes and click Next

Enter the Database name and select if you want to create it as container database. Specify the number of PDBs you want to create and the PDB name. Click Next

Select ASM for storage type and use OMF. Click Next

Select ASM and +DATA1 for FRA. Enable Archive log mode . Click Next

Click Next

On Memory tab, Select ASMM provide values as AMM is not compatible with Huge pages.

On Sizing tab, Select the processes

On Character set page, Select Character set and National character set.

On Connection mode tab, Select Connection mode

On Sample Schema tab, place check mark if you want to create sample schemas. Click Next

Select EM if you want to  configure EM to monitor and manage your database. Click Next

Enter the password for all accounts and click Next

Click Yes to ignore warning and continue

Check Create database to generate script. click Next

Prerequisite check begins

Review Summary Page. Click Finish to start database creation process

Database creation in progress

Click close to complete the Database creation process

Post Database creating steps
dm01db01- {/home/oracle}:export ORACLE_SID=prod1
dm01db01-prod1 {/home/oracle}:sqlplus / as sysdba

SQL*Plus: Release Production on Sat Mar 18 04:50:24 2017

Copyright (c) 1982, 2016, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Connected to:
Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

SQL> select con_id, cdb, name, open_mode,database_role,log_mode from v$database;

---------- --- --------- -------------------- ---------------- ------------
         0 YES PROD      READ WRITE           PRIMARY          ARCHIVELOG

SQL> col name for a30
SQL> select con_id,open_mode, name from v$pdbs;

---------- ---------- ------------------------------
         2 READ ONLY  PDB$SEED

SQL> select count(*) from cdb_data_files where con_id=3;


In this article we have learned how to create a database on Exadata database machine X5-2 using DBCA.

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