Saturday, 11 February 2017

RAC DB creation on Exadata Machine using DBCA.

In this article we explain the process of  how to create RAC DB on Exadata Machine using DBCA

DBCA is the oracle utility which provide the easy and fast way to create the DB.
Environment Details

Node1 : db01
Node 2: db02
Database version
Database Environment

Login to Exadata Machine node1 and initate DB creation using DBCA.

$export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db

DBCA launched db creation window.
select oracle Real appliction clusters(RAC) database option than next

Select create database option then Next

Select General purpose and click next

Select Admin-Managed and give the DB Name and SID and select nodes in Exadata Machine.Then Next

Un-check Register with Grid crontrol and slect configuration Database control for Local Management.Then Next

Provide the SYS and SYS and all the other password.Then Next

Provide the Database files location.Then Next

Click on Multiplex Redo logs and Control Files if you want.Then Next

 Provide ASMSNMP Password.Then Next

Provide the Flash Recovery Area Diskgroup. Then Next

 Provide the Archive log format.Then Next


Provide SGA and PGA and all the sizing and character set ,Then Next

Provide the Redo log size and Next.

 Create Database and Finish.

Read Summary and Click OK


Database Creation completion Summary, Click Exit.

Check the Database status it should run on both nodes.

$ srvctl status database -d omfdb
Instance omfdb1 is running on node dm01
Instance omfdb2 is running on node dm02

We learnt the process of  how to create RAC DB on Exadata Machine using DBCA

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