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Oracle Golden Gate Installation on Windows Server 2012 R2

Oracle Golden Gate provides very fast replication of data by reading transaction logs and writing the changes to one or more target databases in a homogeneous and heterogeneous environment. It is useful for High Availability Architectures and especially for Data Warehouse and Decision Support Systems. Thus, the variety of techniques and methods spreads from unidirectional environments for query offloading/reporting to bidirectional or Peer-to-Peer architectures in an active-active fashion.

Environment Details
Ip Address
Operating system
Windows server 2012 R2
Oracle Home
Golden Gate stage
Golden Gate Home
OGG Processes

Steps to Install Oracle GoldenGate Software

 1. Create Oracle Golden Gate staging directory and home directory.

D:\>cd oracle

D:\oracle>md gg_stage gg_home

D:\oracle>cd gg_home

D:\oracle\gg_home>md product

D:\oracle\gg_home>cd product



D:\oracle\gg_home\product\>md oggfor11

2.      Copy the media files to the Server.

3.      Download and Install Microsoft visual c++

 4.      Unzip the Golden Gate media and click on setup.exe file to initiate installation.

5.      Choose on which database version you installing golden gate.

6.      Provide Oracle Golden Gate Home and Oracle Database Home location and port number.

7.      Verify Summary and click on Install. 

Progress Window


8.      Installation successful then click close.

9.      Once Installation done, login to Golden gate from gg home and check the version.


In this Article we have performed Oracle Golden Gate Installation on Windows operating system. We have seen Installing Oracle Golden Gate Software on Windows is very simple and straight forward using Graphical Interface.

About Author

Name: Mirza Hidayathullah Baig
Designation: Senior Database Engineer
Organization: NetSoftMate IT Solutions


  1. Unable to log db using dblogin.getting error unable to initialize database connection because of error ora 12557 tns adapter not loadable

  2. what is the use of pump process in goldengate ?


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